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Our Story

AMT Partners was established by operations executives with the purpose of providing companies in advanced industries a continuous stream of skilled candidates to fulfill current and future needs.  Every company recognizes the difficulty of attracting and hiring top engineering talent.  Hiring and retaining the right talent directly impacts the ability for organizations to grow and achieve success.  Often times, organizations develop a vision of providing industry disruptive technologies but do not have the technical personnel to materialize those ideas into reliable products.  Recognizing the challenge that organizations have with talent acquisition, AMT Partners has created proven processes to deliver the right personnel to help you achieve business objectives.  


It is more than just doing the right thing for customers. Each of our team members is committed in making a difference by delivering superior and consistent service to customers and candidates


We earn your trust by faithfully delivering the highest quality of work to our covenants. AMT’s reputation is our most valuable asset and we maintain that commitment with every interaction


Clear communication of

expectations and costs are paramount. A well defined scope of work drives our timeline.  Services are delivered following a process plan. No surprises, no hidden costs.

AMT Partners

Relentless Commitment to Excellence