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AMT Partners provides expert consulting services as an enhancement to our talent acquisition offering.  Our consultants are recognized as industry leaders with the ability to make immediate impact to your operations on a specific project or serve as fractional managers as part of your core management team.

What are the benefits of fractional management?

Small to mid-size organizations may not have the budget to afford experienced executives or senior managers who command large compensations as full time employees. The fractional management path allows for these organizations to remain competitive in their industries  by acquiring  that skill-set or knowledge at a fraction of the cost.  Fractional employment also differs slightly from part-time work in that the hours are both regular and regularly defined, although occasionally an organization will arrange for a fractional employee to work on a retainer-style model. Fractional employees generally forego benefits such as medical and dental, but in exchange, they receive greater flexibility over work/life balance and maintain the pace of life they prefer. 

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